At Sino Auto Hause Ltd we also deal in the collection and sales of used engines from different parts of Europe. We own a dismantling unit on our own but due to the high demand from clients, we are buying and collecting used engines and parts from more than 50 dismantlers throughout Europe. With such high supply ability, we are always fast in meeting up with our buyer’s demands. As an exporter for used engines from Europe for many years, we care about Quality. In this regard, we have facilities to test and check our used engines and spare parts to make sure they are in perfect working condition before exporting. It is always very important for our customers to know that their used engines or parts they are ordering for is in good shape so with our many years’ experience, we can start almost all kind of used engines to ensure proper working condition.

No time to come to our facility to dismantle? Some customers will rather prefer to be present during dismantling before loading into containers but however, this process is usually very costly for our customer and sometimes not efficient as you might think. However, our professional teams can always handle this process without you necessarily having to travel to get used engines from Germany.

The good quality engines from Europe we are dealing with must undergo the Ultra-5 comprehensive engine testing procedure. All our engines go through this test before they are shipped for customer’s maximum satisfaction.

What we will require from you is to send us the engine list that you are interested in and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a price list as per your order.

We also have good used tires for sell and we sell accross Europe, if you’re in germany you can easily and rapidly get used tires form us.

In need of brake pad or brake shoe from us  at cheapest rates. Read about us to know how to purchase on our website.

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