Buy used truck tires in Europe

We at Sino Auto Haus Ltd have many years of experience in the collection and exportation of both Japanese and European made used tyres. We are committed in exporting and delivering only the best quality tyres to our customers around the world. Our tyres are of good quality, cheap and are fitted & balanced at the cheapest rates. 

Our team of workers are always available to offer our clients with a doubling, tripling or quadruple the tyres before loading into the container so that more tyres are fitted into the container. This way the buyer will be able to cover up the cost of freight and customs charges as freight to some ports are extremely too expensive and by so doing the buyer is also proud to make good profit after sales. 

We run our own tyre shops in different parts of Europe and our main import is coming from Japan with our main supplier in Osaka Japan. If you want your tyres shipped directly from Europe, we can link you up with our Japan partner for your direct import.

With our network of local tyre suppliers in Japan and accross Europe, we can guarantee a large quantity supply to any part of the world. Sino Auto Haus Ltd can guarantee the supply of used tyres in perfect condition and our prices are unbeatable and affordable. Just let us know any service you need and we can guarantee you we can always handle your request as our client’s satisfaction is our greatest concern. 

Just let us know the various tyre sizes and quantities you need with brands and we will do the rest. We deal with brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Yokohama, Kumho, Firestone, etc.

If interested in our used tyres, you can give us a call to place your order or kindly send us an email through our contact form and our ever ready staff will respond to you within the shortest time possible with answers to your inquiry.

Apart from used tires, we also have used and new engines , clutch disc / clutch plate , brake pad or brake shoe, used tires for sell.

15inch 600N15 10%~99%
Very few
600R15 Very few
650N15 Very few
650R15 Very few
700N15 Very few
700R15 Very few
750N15 Very few
750R15 Very few
825N15 Very few
175/75R15 Very few
185/75R15 Very few
195/75R15 Some
15.5inch 185/70R15.5 10%~99%
195/70R15.5 Few
16inch 650N16 10%~99%
650R16 Few
700N16 Few
700R16 Some
750N16 Few
750R16 Very few
825N16 Very few
825R16 Very few
205/65R16 Few
205/70R16 Many
205/75R16 Many
225/70R16 Many
225/75R16 Many
185/85R16 Many
195/85R16 Many
205/85R16 Many
215/85R16 Many
225/85R16 Many
17.5inch 205/60R17.5 10%~99%
225/60R17.5 Some
195/70R17.5 Some
205/70R17.5 Many
215/70R17.5 Many
205/80R17.5 Many
225/80R17.5 Many
225/90R17.5 Some

Grab your own tires now at very affordable prices !